Detail Maniac

Sacramento, CA
Responsive Web Design

Detail Maniac – Sacramento, CA

From Sacramento, CA I meet Man Leung. Man is the owner and wanted a website redesign. We met via Joe Torbati from OCDetailing and heard great things about me from him. Thanks to him Man said he was ready to jump the gun and let us work our magic! He does everything from detailing, paint correction, coatings, interior, etc. He is also a CQuartz Finest installer which makes him one of the few selects that can install that product. Seeing his old website was from an old theme, definitely I saw we needed to do a website for him that would properly reflect all the things he does.

Social Media

Man posts on Facebook and Instagram very often. Now with every posts he’s making, his photos and projects he’s done will now be on his website. That eliminates an additional task on hand that he needs to keep updated!

Contact Form

We use WPForms to help Detail Maniac get inquiried and keep it clean and simple. When they fill out their name and vehicle information, we get it populating on the subject line. Increasing reply efficiency and e-mail organization to easily locate in the future. This is one of our creation we have done that makes replying to customers so much easier.
Love it! I have noticed that I have been getting more calls as well. Coding master!