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Fremont, CA
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Bay Area Details – Fremont, CA

From Fremont, CA I meet Joseph Torbati. Joe is the owner and wanted a website redesign. We first met when I was shopping around and researching to get my vehicle with Opti-Coat Pro. He informed me a lot about the product and he did a beautiful job on my car. Not only that but when there was issues with the coating he took me in and re-did the entire hood. I was blown away with the customer service he provided me and appreciated it very much! Revisiting him a year later afterwards after I got into a fender bender, I had to get the coating again on my vehicle where it was damaged. We spoke and I shared with him my opinion of his website. We had a good laugh and he did remember I offerred website redesign services. He took me on for his website and he shared his vision and passion and details about his business entirely. With our teamwork, we created the ultimate website. This website has been the most powerful website I’ve created and the first automotive detailing website that was the huge change in why a website was so important to boost your business online presence. I’ll be thankful always for Joe trusting me with his website presence as his business inquiries exploded to more than a handful of messages everyday!

Social Media

Pete posts on Facebook and Instagram very often. Now with every posts he’s making, his photos and projects he’s done will now be on his website. That eliminates an additional task on hand that he needs to keep updated!

WordPress Blog

Posting on a blog often helps keeps your website content fresh and Google will see it. Pete now has access to his website blog platform and with every new posts and content he puts on there will reflect on his website! This adds additional content on your website!
I gotta give a shout out to Alexander. He’s my web site designer and since he re did my website I’ve got 100x more web contacts and literally seen a 50% gross revenue increase. Along with that his customer service and support is nothing short of amazing. He’s constantly asking me questions and translating it into new content for my site. If your serious about growing your business reach out and I’m sure Alex will not disappoint! Seriously can’t thank you enough. You sir are the man!