What are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

Search Engine Optimization is a method to enrich the content on your website to make it increase its relevance. In other words, SEO acts like a flare to make it easier to find your website in most search engines.

You can say SEO gives your website the relevance your website deserves. Hence, what are SEO services? It refers to the variety of possible improvement strategies that a marketing agency can do for your website.

Our List of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Let us talk about what Alexander Pro Design offers you about the SEO list of services. Here is a brief yet clear explanation of any SEO solutions we can do for your website. Every aspect, from analysis to metadata, is covered in our service palette. You won’t hesitate to consider us as your SEO services provider.


It is a normal practice that consists of using content and the code of each web page. All this effort has the goal to improve the SEO of the overall website.

Basically, that is on-page SEO services. So, on one hand, we have the content of the website. This content is the reason why people will see your site when searching for a word related to you.

On the other hand, all the code on your website can help you rank higher on search engines. From HTML tags to the tags on your pictures and videos, everything is valid to empower your presence.

We know it, and we have a few tricks under the sleeve to help your website rank better online.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important thing in SEO. This term refers to the word typed into the search engine to find your business.

A keyword should contain what your company does, or something related to your business. They also can be a single word or a phrase, but always specific.

Regardless, of the number of tools that the internet has to compare word popularity you need an expert. Comparing the usage of a word or phrase against the other is simple.

The complicated part comes when you have a marketing goal and your SEO must be the best.

That is the reason why it is important to trust Alexander Pro Design for your keyword research services. You won’t find better San Francisco Bay Area SEO services.

Local SEO

Anything becomes more personal at a local range. Therefore, local SEO services can be definitive in terms of SEO.

Any company, shop, or business that has a physical address can be improved by it. By setting right your local search engine optimization, your business can top the rank of (for example) Google.

As an agency dedicated to SEO services in San Francisco, we know what we are talking about. Then we can tell you that getting your SEO in the local range is not that simple.

It is more than putting your city’s name everywhere on your website and hope for the best. Let us do it for you, then you will see the difference. Alexander Pro Design can give you affordable local SEO services.

Technical SEO Audit

What would it be of reports without the proper analysis? You must know where your website is weaker so you can fix the issue.

Still, if there is a problem with loading pages, hosting, or keywords, a technical SEO audit service can help.

By analyzing the report and the average user behavior, it is how you will find the real problem.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about it since Alexander Pro Design is one of the best SEO service providers. With this audit service, we will pinpoint where the SEO problem must be.

Problems such as confusion on your sitemap, redundant information, or a simple keyword misspelled, we’ll find it for you.

Why Do You Need Our SEO Services in The San Francisco Bay Area?

When you try to find out why do you need SEO services, you must know how SEO works. It all starts in the search engine, but the real deal is on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). What you can see on the SERP is what you’ll click to find the information you are looking for. Some search engines like Bing or Google have ads in the SERP.

This is bad news if you want to rank first for free. Alexander Pro Design is the expert you can find in San Francisco to sort this issue. That is why you need our services, to help you rank on top. Alexander Pro Design is a solution to get into the Bay Area SEO services.

We put on your disposition all of our time, effort, and experience to rank you as high as possible. Additionally, in Alexander Pro Design, we know what your target client is going to type depending on your products. It is essential if you want to rank higher than any competitor on a specific search. Our word is our warranty.

Why SEO is Important for Any Business?

SEO brings you the most appreciated traffic you can get, and this is organic traffic. This kind of traffic gives you the best ROI. It is because you do not pay a dime to appear at the first SERP. If you appear here, you can be absolutely sure at least visitors numbers are going up. Also, the sales might rise on your e-commerce if there is any.

Under the premise of guiding the right people to the right website, SEO is better than anything. Directing traffic to your website is a thing, but helping people to solve their problems is better.

In that sense, search engine optimization can lead proficiently to everyone to find solutions on your website. Remember, if people do not see your websites on the first page of SERP, it is bad news.

Not appearing on the front page can reduce your visit numbers considerably. So if you want to appear on top, SEO is essential.

Are Our SEO Services Worth It?

Absolutely yes. SEO services in San Francisco are not the same since we get in the business. We will give our care to see your goals accomplished. In other words, by hiring us you can relax and see how your website’s rank goes up.

The main reason why it’s worth it is that nothing will ensure more organic traffic than SEO. Regardless your business is small, medium, or a conglomerate, organic traffic will make you relevant.

Also, due to the affordable search engine optimization services we provide, you’ll feel like you are being undercharged. Speaking of saving money, our SEO services are, in most cases, more effective than Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This makes sense because it’s not the same to offer something that giving something craved at the right time.

How Much Do Our SEO Services in The San Francisco Bay Area Cost?

In terms of costs, it will depend on how many services you need. You can hire Alexander Pro Design SEO solutions from $699, which is not expensive if you compare with other agencies. If you want to clear your doubts, you can contact us. Are the SEO services worth it? Absolutely yes.

Have into consideration that SEO efforts are not going to appear from one day to the next one. It is a progressive job. Nevertheless, by hiring a serious company like ours the time is shortened. You will be surprised by the results of our work in a few months.

See it as a reflection of your investment. Now, let us clear the difference between “Affordable SEO” and “Cheap SEO”.

Affordable Means Good

Let’s face: quality costs. It must not necessarily be expensive. In terms of revenue, every cent you spend on SEO implies hours of work of a specialized team. So it requires the agency to make it profitable for this team, but easy to pay for the client.

That is precisely the balance Alexander Pro Design offers to every client. The quality of our job speaks for itself. Additionally, the form to pay for our services goes not hard on your pocket. With our paying method, you can pay halves to make it easy. Affordable SEO services and high-quality.

Cheap is Not Good

Sometimes startup companies offer SEO services under (for example) 100$. Consider SEO budget as one of the most important elements where to invest if you want fine results. If you pay less and perform poorly, you lose time, money, and effort.

If you cannot pay for a professional agency to improve your website’s SEO, try it by yourself. When you start perceiving revenue, the main recommendation is to upgrade your SEO by hiring an expert agency. At least this way you won’t lose money. Take a look a the table below to see what SEO Service Package fits best in your case.

Local SEO Program


Per Month

  • Create a focus on what you’d like to improve SEO for.
  • Develop content for service or city pages
  • On-page website optimization
  • Monthly Blogging & Link Building
  • Monthly Report
  • 5 hours total for SEO (1 hour per week)

Why Choose Us as Your SEO Service Provider?

There are a number of reasons to choose Alexander Pro Design. One of them is that we offer excellent search engine optimization solutions for any business, but there are more. To help you see (and consider) every reason, allow us to explain each one.

1. A Higher Return On Investment

You can say that money invested in SEO is well-invested money. In fact, every time our SEO team is analyzing a new brand, the goal is to make them “visible”.

This visibility must be reached as quickly as possible, so clients like what we do for them. In Alexander Pro Design we want your inversion to maximize your marketing efforts in terms of proficiency.

2. We Plan Then Do

After the initial analysis, Alexander Pro Design's SEO team starts the planning process. It can take a maximum of a few days while researching what the best option is. Then we accomplish what the plan says, in a sequential way, and respecting the different protocols to follow.

You might get lost if you don’t plan your steps, but you will go nowhere if you do not move. By hiring us, you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll handle everything from keywords to insights.

3. Transparency Is Our Warranty

Answer to yourself, would you trust in a company that does not show you what it does? Obviously, you won’t trust that kind of company. Alexander Pro Design does not tell, Alexander Pro Design shows your website’s evolution through time.

In most cases, transparency translates into trust. We know that trusting us is the only way you can let us do what we do best: we help you. We will always keep in touch to see how your SEO is doing.

4. Enhanced Visibility

One of our promises is to make your website visible when someone is looking for your product. Alexander Pro Design's techniques to be relevant about some keywords are effective and simple.

The main recommendation about keywords is to keep them as unique and yours as they can be. We know SEO takes time, but we grant you visibility on the first SERP as soon as possible.

5. Your Money Worths

We know money doesn’t grow on trees, so our duty is to make the most with your budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single entrepreneur or a large company, we’ll help you be more relevant online. Is your budget tight?

No problem. We are sure you can afford a company like ours. But you might not get the same quality service in other SEO services in San Francisco CA.

6. Long-Term Deal

When you hire us, you can be sure that your SEO won’t decay in the short-term. Our job is not a trial version of SEO. It is a professional solution to make your website remarkable through time.

So do not expect your website to descend in the rank of SERP. Our work will last more than you could imagine. You can be calm knowing your website will be noticeable for a while.

7. Pinpoint The SEO Failure

As said before, Alexander Pro Design team is meticulous. When we analyze your website, we take our time to ensure finding the SEO problem. Therefore you can expect real solutions to your SEO issues.

FAQ – Learn More About Alexander Pro Design's Marketing SEO Solutions

SEO consulting is the job of an SEO consultant. This job is to research and analyze the best ways your company can rank higher by performing SEO. Since search engine optimization is all about online presence, the consultant must review all possible ways to enhance it. Some of the consulting analysis involves research your:

  1. Company Website
  2. Blog
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Keyword Selection
  5. Keyword Usage
  6. Search Engine Rankings
  7. Link Building Strategy, and more

After the analysis, the consultant must say what works and what does not. Then, depending on if your goal is at a local or global scale, the consultant will create the best strategy. A well-planned strategy will set in a good course your website’s entire performance, and therefore your goals.

A few things to know about SEO are:

  1. Google is the biggest search engine so far
  2. Duplicate content won’t get your website penalized
  3. Your homepage will be scanned first by the search engine algorithm
  4. The top 5 of the results get 75% of the clicks
  5. The speed of your website matters to the algorithm
  6. After the content, the page titles are the most important elements
  7. For every click on a paid result in Google, there are 11.6 clicks to organic results
  8. The algorithm focuses on your website’s content
  9. Not all search engines use links as a ranking factor

In most cases, it will take from 4 to 6 months to start seeing results by organic methods (non paid). Nevertheless, depending on the keywords, the business, and other factors, the time can reduce to 3 months. Have in mind that we live in a world dominated by the “instant reward” philosophy.

So if you expect to see results immediately, you will be disappointed for sure. On the other hand, if a special event happens, probably your wait will be shorter. Be patient and hope for the best.

Social media does not directly affect SEO. Nevertheless, every post is a new opportunity to link a site on your web. It is also important for your online presence to have an active social media account. Social media is entirely designed to get closer to your audience. And besides social media wasn’t created to give relevance online for websites, it can work to get a presence. You can lead visits to your e-commerce and improve sales, but not necessarily appear first on SERP.