Timesaver Mobile Detail – Lafayette, LA

Website Redesign   •   November 24, 2016



From Lafayette, LA I meet Byron Sealey. Byron wanted a website redesign for the business. We met via Facebook, thanks to Optimum Synergy Podcast (aka Dann Williams), and spoke about the detailing business. They do everything around detailing and paint protection coatings. He also does alot of planes too which is awesome! The website before was on a very old interface and was due for a major update!

  • 14 Pages Website Design

  • Home Page Video Slider

  • Facebook News Page Integration

  • Instagram Photo Gallery

  • vCita Appointment Booking System

  • Integrate Social Media Buttons

Social Media

TimeSaver Mobile Detail  posts on Facebook and Instagram very often. Now with every posts they are making, the photos and projects they have done will now be on the website. That eliminates an additional task on hand that needs to be kept updated!


Now with vCita appointment/booking system integrated, Timesaver Mobile Detail can focus on his work. Customers can book on the website and see the availiability via the powerful program of vCita!