Team Elite Basketball – San Jose, CA

Website Redesign   •   March 9, 2013


From San Jose, CA I meet Rodel Cruzet. Rodel wanted a website redesign for the business. We met my old workplace and he spoke about having a basketball program. He had just recently purchased a building and wasn’t liking his current website setup that he had. I spoke to him that it shouldn’t be very difficult to create and that he can definitely get a much improved and better design. Rodel trusted Alexander Production and this was the first website we have ever designed for a client.

  • 14 Pages Website Design

  • Home Page Image Slider

  • Facebook News Page Integration

  • Instagram Photo Gallery

  • Integrate Social Media Buttons

Social Media

Team Elite Basketball posts on Facebook and Instagram very often. Now with every posts they are making, the photos and projects they have done will now be on the website. That eliminates an additional task on hand that needs to be kept updated!

Man!!! A lot better!!! Website looks great!

Rodel Cruzet, Team Elite Basketball