Radiant Auto Detailing – Keizer, OR

Website Redesign   •   August 18, 2017



From Keizer, OR I meet Billy Secco. Billy is the owner and wanted a website redesign. We met via Facebook, thanks to all of the referrals I’ve gotten from my past clients that have said positive things about the experience and service. He does everything from detailing, paint correction, and coatings. He specializes in the IGL Coatings and wanted a way to show off all the coatings he offer. Definitely we want his website to show off the services he does so we did the following to make it right for him:

  • 7 Pages Website Design

  • Home Page Video Playing Slider

  • Facebook News Feed Widget

  • Instagram Photo Gallery

  • vCita Appointment Booking System

  • Integrate Social Media Buttons

Social Media

Billy posts on Facebook & Instagram very often. Now with every posts he’s making, his photos and projects he’s done will now be on his website. That eliminates an additional task on hand that he needs to keep updated!

vCita Contact/Appointment

Billy keeps updated with contacts via vCita with contact forms and the appointment system. Everything is organized into one program and app where he can use phone or computer to keep track. With this he can get more organized and less time trying to schedule all his appointments.

I couldn’t of done better myself, thats why I hired the great Alexander very nice work sir! I gave you full control on design and you hit a grand slam my friend!