Knots & Shots Hawaii – Honolulu, HI

Website Redesign   • August 2, 2016



From Honolulu, Hawaii I meet Stephanie Hughes. Stephanie is the owner and wanted a website redesign. We met via Joey Love who’s website I did and she wanted to get a redesign for her business as well. Knots and Shots is a business that takes photos for couples, events, and weddings!

Her business main function is photos so we definitely wanted the website to display photos properly!

  • 7 Pages Website Design

  • Home Page Image Slider

  • vCita Appointment Booking System

  • Integrate Social Media Buttons

  • WordPress Blog

  • Smugmug Gallery

WordPress Blog

Posting on a blog often helps keeps your website content fresh and Google will see it. Stephanie now has access to his website blog platform and with every new posts and content he puts on there will reflect on his website! This adds additional content on your website!


With multiple photos, it would be nice to keep your website name and display your work beautifully. With Smugmug you can have those two together and keep the amazing photo platform. Smugmug works amazing with websites and performs flawlessly!

Anyone looking for a web designer contact Alexander. He just designed websites for mine and Joey’s businesses and did an excellent job. Check them out.

Stephanie Hughes, Knots and Shots Hawaii