Cherry Auto Salon, Campbell, CA

Website Redesign   •   January 1, 2017



From Campbell, CA I meet Suat, Nasr, and Kimberly. Their team wanted a website redesign for the business. We met via Facebook, thanks to Optimum Synergy Podcast (aka Dann Williams), and spoke about their detailing business. They do everything from detailing, paint correction, paint protection films, tinting, and coatings. They didn’t have a very good website before and wanted to turn it around with their awesome graphic abilities and content.

Kimberly was amazing at providing directions and design works to put on the website. With this type of teamwork going into play, it would provide an amazing website!

  • 17 Pages Website Design

  • Home Page Images Slider

  • Facebook News Page Integration

  • Instagram Photo Gallery

  • vCita Appointment Booking System

  • Integrate Social Media Buttons

  • WordPress Blog

Social Media

Cherry Auto Salon posts on Facebook and Instagram very often. Now with every posts they are making, the photos and projects they have done will now be on the website. That eliminates an additional task on hand that needs to be kept updated!


Now with vCita appointment/booking system integrated, Chrry Auto Salon can focus on his work. Customers can book on the website and see the availiability via the powerful program of vCita!

WordPress Blog

Posting on a blog often helps keeps your website content fresh and Google will see it. Cherry Auto Salon now has access to the website blog platform and with every new posts and content they putson there will reflect on the website! This adds additional content on your website!

Thank you so much for putting this site together!

Kimberly Gobok, Cherry Auto Salon