Auto Concierge Hawaii – Honolulu, CA

Website Redesign   •  May 31, 2016



From Honolulu, Hawaii I meet Sergio De Oliveira. Sergio is the owner and wanted a website redesign. We met via Facebook, thanks to Joseph Torbati, and spoke about his detailing business. He got a great deal working at one of the most popular malls in Honolulu and wanted to get ready to display his new location. His website before was a little clutturred so it could definitely use a redesign to get his website on the right track!

  • 13 Pages Website Design

  • Home Page Image Slider

  • Facebook News Page Integration

  • vCita Appointment Booking System

  • Integrate Social Media Buttons

  • WordPress Blog

Social Media

Sergio posts on Facebook very often. Now with every posts he’s making, his photos and projects he’s done will now be on his website. That eliminates an additional task on hand that he needs to keep updated!

WordPress Blog

Posting on a blog often helps keeps your website content fresh and Google will see it. Sergio now has access to his website blog platform and with every new posts and content he puts on there will reflect on his website! This adds additional content on your website!

I’m really happy with the new website. Thanks!

Sergio De Oliveira, Auto Concierge Hawaii